Divine Mercy Rosary DVD

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“I can’t thank you enough for the love and attention to detail you put in creating the Divine Mercy DVD and the Holy Rosary DVD. Now I look forward to my prayer time of both each day. The images and music you composed help me contemplate on Our Lord’s great Love and Mercy in His sufferings. Meditating on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary with sacred art, music, and praying along with you, has deepened my love of the Rosary. As a consequence, my prayers have put on wings and have taken flight.“ Anna Heimbichner 

I was so excited to watch your DVD with my family and pray the Rosary with my children using it.  Well, we just did last night and I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for it.  My children (ages 8, 4, and 2)  were absolutely engaged.  We prayed the Joyful Mysteries together and I was just so touched watching and listening to them pray along with you.  My two year old sat still (for the most part) and was totally taken by the beautiful images on the TV screen.  So much so that she asked to sleep with the DVD case that night.  When she woke up she asked if we could watch the Jesus movie again.  I decided to put on the chaplet and she was again engaged.  My four year, two year old, and I prayed the Chaplet together at 5:30 am.  Just amazing.  My two year old then proceeded to look so lovingly and concerned at the Image of Jesus in the Divine Mercy on the screen that she said, “Jesus crying, Jesus boo boo’s.” and then she kissed His hand’s on the screen.  So beautiful and powerful to witness.  I am so happy with the DVD and plan to use it often for our family Rosary.  We have been neglecting the family rosary but now are looking forward to praying together as much as possible.” Amanda Michalik-Michigan

The Divine Mercy Rosary DVD is visually stunning. Stunning! Glorious! Luminous! Each rosary is 25 minutes of beauty. The DVD is like a gorgeous moving picture book on my desktop. The quotes included with the imagery are an enormous addition and will emphasize for anyone new to the Rosary that the mysteries and the prayers are rooted in scripture.” –Cheryl Martin 

“Well, woke up a little scattered and excited about my trip to Rome today. So, the wonderful Divine Mercy Rosary was such a help in praying the Joyful Mysteries when it would have been nearly impossible to discipline my mind to pray in a concentrated fashion without it. What a blessing it is.” -Deborah Gyapong

“Linda and I just watched the Divine Mercy Rosary DVD today. We started with the Chaplet and then right through the mysteries of the rosary and we couldn’t stop! You guys did an absolutely beautiful job in helping everyone to meditate more deeply on, and staying focused on the mysteries.” -Robert R. Allard, Director Apostles of Divine Mercy

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