Come Pray the Rosary!

We are not sure why is not longer active as we only provided a link to this wonderful resource. We are leaving our link to it active in the hopes that it become available again. As an alternative consider the Divine Mercy Rosary version which includes all four mysteries of the Holy Rosary plus the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It is available in both in physical and On Demand formats.




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2 thoughts on “Come Pray the Rosary!

  • Please pray for my son, Michael Christian Pirc. He has mild aspergers, ADHD, mood disorder and anxiety disorder. Please help him find his way. Help him find God, give him perseverance. Help him find a career path, so he does not have to be dependent on us, his parents.May God keep him safe, out of harms way and surround him with good people in his life, good role models and positive influences. He just turned 19. Please pray for my brother , Bob Milicevic, recover from his abdominal surgery, and get back to work, since finances are very difficult for him. Protect and guide Bob. Please give strength to Roy Poyer who is fighting bone Cancer. Hope and strength for our cousin Terry Grano who is fighting stage 4 melanoma. Please Keep our dear friend Brian Brickman in remission from cancer. Please help Ross Williams with his mental illnesses. Please continue to bless my husband, Mike Pirc with good health and work, so he is able to provide for our family. Continue to bless my daughter Erika with a good job, help her with her anger management, stress and anxiety. Please pray for Justin Nockengust her fiancé find our Lord. Help him to forgive his family for their lack of parenting, and his father for abandoning him. Help his mom with her mental illness. Help her survive on her own and not count on others to take care of her. Please pray for me, Millie Pirc, for strength, hope, peace and discipline to lose weight where I can feel better about myself. Please pray for all the members of the Milicevic, Pirc, Campanella, and Sargi families. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have given us. Amen

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