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  • I just read about Mercy and I want you to know I am praying. But also that your falfthuiness to God and desire to use this to further the kingdom (your early post on her condition) and encourage believers is such a testimony. I thank GOd for your family, Mercy, and His unfailing love!In Christ Alone, Mel

  • When we first arrived at St. Mary’s in Aug.of 2002, we immediately headed for the Adoration Chapel to choose an hour to adore Our lord, a practice that we had started 10 years previously in Sault Ste Marie. Both of us were attracted by a young devout couple who were praying together at the back of the chapel. Soon, thereafter, we were introduced to Dennis and Angelina Girard.Dennis, we learned was a musician who in former years belonged to a “rock” band.
    Several years later, we attended a religious gahering held at the Bronson Center. On Sat. afternoon at 3pm. Carly introduced Dennis and Angelina and announced they would be singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet composed by Dennis . I was questioning in my mind why Angelina was sitting on the stage. Imagine my surprise when she opened her mouth to sing and an angel began the words of the chaplet. You could hear a pin drop in that large auditorium. We wre all entranced by the holiness of their song together. Her voice – his guitar. What a couple for the LORD!!!!
    Recently, the Lord has awakened me to pray the Chaplet at night, so I enfold myself in my prayer mantle and sing along with their CD given to us as a gift at the time of the convalidation of their marriage….
    One evening in particular, I went to their Divine Mercy blog and logged onto the Chaplet there. As I was praying along with them,I peered out from my prayer shawl and was gifted with an experience of the ” night angels dancing”. Thank you Jesus for such a gift and for the sacred music and devotion to the Divine Mercy of Dennis and Angelina – your passionate promoters. May they be blessed in abundance…..

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